How do you write what people crave to consume? Why do some writers connect with people so much better than others? Do they have deeper empathy or technical skill? Or maybe it’s their pre writing-rituals or sheer doggedness that does it?

In this little project, combining ideas about writing with ideas about psychology – and using videos, blog posts and quizzes – I aim to investigate these questions. And whether you write for business as a copywriter, write fiction or non-fiction, or are a swiss army knife writer who creates cross-platform, then you’ll be considered here.

Just so you know, there are opinions behind this site:

  • Writers today need to be multimedia creators, as able to craft a podcast, video or blog post as you can a fantasy trilogy.
  • Writing skills are often overlooked in business – but they can help you woo customers, inspire staff, create meaning and sign-off deals.
  • Writing has its own psychology. It can make us feel happy or sad, terrified or reassured, and cause us to click on impulse, perhaps with regret, later. How this works is endlessly fascinating…

Now I am quite harmless and like a chat, so if you’d like to get in touch directly you can do so here:

mrsmotiv at gmail dot com

Otherwise I’m in all those usual places and hope, maybe, to meet you there.